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About Forge Finance:

Forge Finance is an unorthodox project concentrated on helping goal-oriented individuals understand how to safely navigate the blockchain, DeFi, & Web3 to "close the gap" on their personal/financial goals. "The Forge" -- our exclusive, token-gated educational Discord -- provides a safe environment for participants to learn the methodologies & strategies that allow them to domesticate risk, hedge their downside, while building an effective system that is catered to their economic principles & unique disposition.

"Every system is perfectly designed to produce the results you're getting."

--> W. Edwards Deming
From our experience & observation in the BSC space over the last two years, it has become painfully apparent that investors are playing a very dangerous game. Some may win big, but the illusion of "getting rich quick" causes most to blow themselves up before they even get started.
We are biased, however we firmly believe there is a better way to predictably multiply your capital. It may take time, but you likely have time. So why fight against it? Luckily for you, you're reading this and are on track to start engineering the outcome(s) you desire.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

--> Albert Einstein

Building A System That Works (For you)

The two variables that change results within a system are:

  • The input to the system (your behavior)
  • The system itself (the structure of the system)
Most of us are running a race against ourselves. So naturally, we build systems that pit ourselves against the two undefeated titans of the universe: Time & Randomness.
In crypto this translates to trying to "hit the next moonshot" and "go to the moon". This approach is dangerous dogmatic thinking. The "all or nothing" or "moon or dust" mentality is a great way to continue getting further and further away from what you really want. In our opinion -- and we may be biased -- every action that you take in life should ideally be moving you "closer" to what you really want, not further away.
"The Forge" was created to help educate, guide, & orient purpose driven individuals. We know we have succeeded if we can effectively help people analyze their own emotional patterns and modify their behavior to align their micro-strategies with their macro beliefs; inside and outside of crypto.
In our opinion, doing so will help to significantly increase clarity & certainty surrounding your investments while driving down financial anxiety. Less stress, more time, more assets, more fun.

"There is a gap between all of the things we know we SHOULD be doing and all of the things we are ACTUALLY doing consistently. Closing this gap is the key to getting momentum, staying on track, making more money, being more productive and, I think, feeling a lot happier."

--> Nic Peterson in his book "Bumpers"
We cover a range of topics in our free and exclusive educational content. Learning & implementing the core principles & underpinnings taught in our public/private educational curriculum provides our holders with useful tools to learn more about themselves & improve as a human being; which in turn, SHOULD (in our opinion) make them a better trader/investor over time and help them to effectively "close the gap". If you enjoyed this brief introduction, we think you may thoroughly enjoy the education and comradery within our private Telegram and Discord communities. Check out our How To Participate page to learn more about how to join!
NOTE: Education without practical application is simply memorization. Excessive consumption of information in the absence of practical application presents a stark danger of "widening the gap" further, instead of closing it.
We understand the power of community & education. So, we invest in our people as much as they invest in us. Our highest priority is protecting our community & holders. Forge Finance was inspired by the methodologies and frame shifts presented by the "Wolf Den" & we aim to create synergy & support for the Wolf Den, Wizard, & Knight Ecosystem.
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About Forge Finance:
Building A System That Works (For you)
The two variables that change results within a system are: